Shitty Wishbone Omens

February 17, 2010

If I was very superstitious I would be pretty bummed right now.

So we roasted a chicken a couple of weeks ago.  When I stripped the carcass, I set the wishbone aside to dry so that we could wish on it later.  My dad used to do this when I was a kid.  The way this little ritual works is that 2 people make a wish, then each person wraps a pinkie around one prong of the V-shaped wishbone.  When you both pull, the wishbone snaps unevenly, so that one person is holding a shorter piece, and the other has a long piece with the knob from the middle of the bone still attached.  The person left holding the big piece is supposed to have their wish come true.

This afternoon I noticed the forgotten wishbone and figured it was dry enough.  The boy and I made our wishes, held the bone in our pinkies, and pulled.  Instead of breaking like it was supposed to, the bone broke into 3 pieces and the middle knob went flying across the kitchen.  We were both left holding short pieces of bone– the losing, “wish denied” pieces.

“Fuuuuuck,” I sighed.  “I think that was a bad sign.  Uhh…  Did you by any chance wish we would find jobs?”

“… Yeah,” said the boy.

“Me too.  Dammit…”

So it’s official now.  If there is a God, he probably hates us– Or his divine plan just happens to require the two of us to spend our lives as bitter, washed-up losers.


Thurs. 2/11/10

February 12, 2010

The Good:

  • Replied to local job postings– 2 childcare positions.
  • Cleaned the bathroom floor.  Scooped litter box in a timely fashion.
  • Washed dishes and cleaned kitchen.
  • Mailed healthcare premium.
  • Refrained from playing Fallout 3 this morning, because I knew it would mean wasting the entire rest of the day.
  • Took out garbage and kitty litter.
  • Ate vegetables.  And if you ask me, grating carrots counts as exercise.

The Bad:

  • Spent several hours playing Untangle
  • Succumbed to the allure of Fallout 3 after dinner, only to find that I’m still kind of sick of it.  This makes me sad.  For a month or two last year, I adored this game.

The Ugly:

  • I forgot to brush my teeth this morning.  I’m sure I have about a zillion little cavities.  I have susceptible enamel and I haven’t been to a dentist in about 3 years.  I don’t think I have dental insurance right now.
  • We’re aiming to vacate our current living situation in about a month.  We have no idea where we might be going from here.  Fuuuuck.


February 11, 2010

Alright.  This is it.  Being unemployed is no excuse for doing diddley-squat all day long.  I will now be logging a list of my daily activities in order to shame myself into accomplishing something instead of filling 90% of my waking hours with TV and games.

Primary objectives:

  • Find gainful employment
  • Decide on a subject of further study, since my BA is nearly worthless on the job market.
  • Stop slacking on household chores and maintenance

Secondary objectives:

  • Start writing regularly.  I was told I’m good at it, so I should at least try and do something about it.  Stay in practice if nothing else.
  • Learn to use my sewing machine.  Use it on the several massive bags of clothing repairs/projects I’ve been dragging around for the past 5 years or so.
  • Exercise.  At least a token amount.
  • Finish reading all of the books I’ve left half-read.
  • Take up drawing again.  I have no delusions of becoming an artist, but I used to enjoy this.

Unemployment is depressing.

February 5, 2010

I thought I had just found a job.  Nannying 3 days a week is not exactly something to feel accomplished or proud about, but… it’s something.  I was kind of excited.  I  got along well with the mommy when we met, and I was supposed to start next week.  Then they decided at the last minute to share nannies with a friend instead.

What’s weird about this is that the same sort of thing happened to my boyfriend last week.  Except more serious than lost bullshit childcare opportunities.  He went to some very promising, successful job interviews (for an actual, real, salaried, career sort of thing).  They called him up and were on the verge of offering him the position, but first wanted him to withdraw his application from another job–his dream job he’s been working towards for the past year or so.  He hesitated and they withdrew their offer because he wasn’t 100% committed to their company.  Then a few days later he heard from that dream job and found out he hadn’t made it to the next phase in the application process.

So we’re both unemployed and a bit bitter right now.  It feels like God is fucking with us.  There had better be a purpose to this.  And we’d better figure out what that is soon.

Current Projects

February 2, 2010

Tonight’s project:

Bake a loaf of bread.  We are at about 50% completion.  The dough is mixed and rising.  It will probably go in the oven around 7AM.  I don’t normally stay up all night like this–it’s something I used to do to finish term papers and such, and since finishing school I’ve assumed a more normal sleep schedule.  Every once in a while, though, I resume my night-owl-ish ways for old time’s sake.

Tomorrow’s projects:

1)Send references to potential employer.

2)Send some important correspondence of a personal nature which I have been postponing for 2 and a half years.

Hello world!

February 2, 2010

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