Unemployment is depressing.

February 5, 2010

I thought I had just found a job.  Nannying 3 days a week is not exactly something to feel accomplished or proud about, but… it’s something.  I was kind of excited.  I  got along well with the mommy when we met, and I was supposed to start next week.  Then they decided at the last minute to share nannies with a friend instead.

What’s weird about this is that the same sort of thing happened to my boyfriend last week.  Except more serious than lost bullshit childcare opportunities.  He went to some very promising, successful job interviews (for an actual, real, salaried, career sort of thing).  They called him up and were on the verge of offering him the position, but first wanted him to withdraw his application from another job–his dream job he’s been working towards for the past year or so.  He hesitated and they withdrew their offer because he wasn’t 100% committed to their company.  Then a few days later he heard from that dream job and found out he hadn’t made it to the next phase in the application process.

So we’re both unemployed and a bit bitter right now.  It feels like God is fucking with us.  There had better be a purpose to this.  And we’d better figure out what that is soon.


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