February 11, 2010

Alright.  This is it.  Being unemployed is no excuse for doing diddley-squat all day long.  I will now be logging a list of my daily activities in order to shame myself into accomplishing something instead of filling 90% of my waking hours with TV and games.

Primary objectives:

  • Find gainful employment
  • Decide on a subject of further study, since my BA is nearly worthless on the job market.
  • Stop slacking on household chores and maintenance

Secondary objectives:

  • Start writing regularly.  I was told I’m good at it, so I should at least try and do something about it.  Stay in practice if nothing else.
  • Learn to use my sewing machine.  Use it on the several massive bags of clothing repairs/projects I’ve been dragging around for the past 5 years or so.
  • Exercise.  At least a token amount.
  • Finish reading all of the books I’ve left half-read.
  • Take up drawing again.  I have no delusions of becoming an artist, but I used to enjoy this.

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